History of Ductless Split

Mitsubishi Ductless Split cooling and heating systems can be used in any area of your home. Since 1950 this technology allows for energy efficiency and individual comfort. These systems are sometimes referred to as mini-split, multi-split, split-ductless, split-zoning and variable refrigerant flow. If you have an area of your home where ductwork can’t be run, this system is for you. We can heat and cool or just cool your home without ductwork. They are great for sunrooms and bonus rooms. If you have a boiler, a system can be installed to air condition your home as well.

Each unit is controlled separately allowing for more precise temperature control. That way you can control the temperature in different areas of your home.

How Do They Work?

Ductless split units don’t rely on a system of ducts to transfer heating and cooling through your home. The ductless system has an outdoor compressor and at least one indoor unit, but these indoor units are connected directly to the compressor and refrigerant lines rather than the duct. The indoor unit is mounted on the wall in various parts of your home. Mitsubishi Electric Systems use two small refrigerant lines plus power and control wiring to connect an outdoor unit to each individual air handler.

i-See Sensor – Scans the areas of a room to detect hot and cold spots so that the temperature can be consistently maintained.

INVERTER Technology – Inverter-driven compressors and other electronic components.

Smart Coil – Designed to regulate refrigerant superheat and sub-cooling for optimal capacity and performance.

Enhanced Filtration – Improves air quality by using multiple layers of filtration.

Hot-Start Technology – Prevents cool air from blowing during the HEAT operation on a heat pump system.

Smart Controls – Remote control for operation

Ease of Installation
The outdoor unit has a small footprint so that it can be located easily outside your home. The indoor wall-mounted unit mounts high on the wall as to not obstruct the visual area of the room. The ease of installation is a great feature.

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