Heating Maintenance In Central Illinois

If the idea of heating maintenance conjures up images of spending all weekend with your home’s heating system, don’t fret. The trained technicians at Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. know the ins and outs of providing quality maintenance to area homes before and after the snow flies.

Surprises can be good, but not when they come from your residential heating system. Let HoveIn provide regular heating maintenance in Thomasboro for your home’s heating system. Not only will you receive peace-of-mind, but regular maintenance pays you back as a return on investment.

Lower Utility / Heating Bills

By having routine heating maintenance in Thomasboro, your furnace and system will be able to run at peak efficiency, saving you money each month on your utility bill.

Improved Air Quality

The air filters used for residential heating in Thomasboro remove quite a bit of particulate matter from the air, but they do appreciate a helping hand from routine maintenance. HoveIn technicians are trained to spot areas in your heating system to improve the air quality of your home.

Longer Lifespan for The System

The sooner an issue can be addressed and repaired, the longer your heating system can bring comfort to your home. Dirt and dust can be cleaned out regularly and loose belts and electrical connections can be tightened before they cause a breakdown and/or damage.

Annual Heating Maintenance

A heating system is often compared to your personal vehicle. We all know the importance of routine oil changes and other planned maintenance, allowing us to only make a major purchase like a vehicle every so often. Your heating system is just as much of an investment but for your home and family’s comfort. By having the system checked before or during the cold Illinois winter, you can often avoid the surprise of a breakdown and/or costly repair later in the year. Check out our HVAC maitnenance tips.

Fall HVAC Maintenance

Fall is the time everything becomes pumpkin flavored, but don’t let your furnace and heating system become a pumpkin by avoiding fall maintenance. Fall HVAC service from HoveIn checks for many things to prepare your heating system for upcoming winter use, including:

  • Presence of carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Condition of the combustion chamber or heat exchanger
  • Gas and air adjustment and other characteristics of the burner flame
  • Pilot/igniter operation
  • Condition of the blower wheel
  • Removing dust and scale build-up from the burner compartment
  • Checking the operation control sequence, safety controls, and thermostat

Choose Hoveln For Your Heating Maintenance

When it comes to HVAC companies in Central Illinois, HoveIn Heating & Cooling, Inc. has been proudly serving Thomasboro residents and the surrounding areas for 40 years. Every home is different, which means we treat every service and maintenance call differently. Our trained and professional technicians undergo continuing education for NATE certification so you can be assured they provide correct information and repairs. Let HoveIn Heating & Cooling, Inc. take care of your heating maintenance needs year round.