Gas Furnace Services In Central Illinois

Whether it’s a Bryant gas furnace we installed years ago or your furnace is another brand, Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. services all makes and models of gas furnaces. Allowing us to service your gas furnace means you’ll see savings in efficient and safe operation and a longer lifespan for your heating system.

The gas furnace in your home earns its keep during the winter months. But sometimes the continual usage and bitter cold nights are too much, leading to Thomasboro furnace repairs. If you need furnace repairs or service, contact Hoveln today!

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Gas furnace maintenance in Thomasboro does more than keep utility bills in check, but also keeps your family and home safe. A gas furnace that isn’t running efficiently or has an unaddressed issue can produce carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas which causes health problems. Also, routine maintenance can fix a gas leak long before it becomes a hazardous situation. Hoveln’s trained technicians undergo continuous HVAC education and will give you the most up-to-date information and maintenance procedures.

Gas Furnace Installations

Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. has provided quality gas furnace installations to Thomasboro and surrounding areas for 40 years. Our team goes through many considerations and factors to help you determine what will be the best gas furnace for your home. A professional installation coupled with semi-annual preventive maintenance will mean your new gas furnace will keep your home safe and comfortable for many winters to come.

Gas Furnace Repairs

Ignition Issues

Though you have a gas furnace, you could have either an intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition, both relying on electricity to function. A standing pilot will have a constantly burning pilot light. If the ignition has issues, the furnace could produce less heat, cycle more than usual, or cause the blower fan to operate frequently. Call Hoveln for furnace repairs in Thomasboro as it is unsafe for a non-trained person to attempt to repair ignition issues.

Burner Issues

Your furnace’s gas burner may be atmospheric injection, yellow (luminous) flame, or a power burner unit. The firing method determines what type of burner your furnace has.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can be caused by a number of things, from dirty fuses to a possible water leak causing a short. Wires can also become loose over time with moving parts and vibration from an operational furnace.

Blower Fan

The blower fan can stop if there is a thermostat war (the temperature constantly being changed) or if the furnace circuit breaker has been shut off for any reason. Also, a congested air filter can block otherwise moving air, giving the appearance the fan isn’t working.


Components inside the thermostat itself collect dirt, dust, and other grime over time. When covered, the bimetallic coil and switch contact surfaces can’t sense temperature changes, therefore unable to accurately produce heat.

Continual Cycling or Overly Noisy

A furnace that was correctly sized for your home cycles on average between three and eight times per hour, depending on outside air temperature and other factors. However, if your furnace is cycling more than this, cycling may be a symptom of an underlying issue which needs addressed.

Advantages of Choosing A Gas Furnace

  • Lower Maintenance Costs: If your home has a central heating system, water heater, and anything else needing heat, a gas furnace will work alongside them. Changing the air filter once a month or as often as is recommended is one way you can ensure what maintenance does need to be done is minimal.
  • Increased Efficiency: Likewise, a gas furnace uses natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available. Natural gas in Illinois, as with many parts of the country, is often cheaper to use than electricity. Plus a gas furnace built today is a higher quality model and overall more efficient than one built 10 years ago.

Make Hoveln Your First Call For Gas Furnace Needs

We appreciate our gas furnaces as much as you, which is why our technicians are available day or night to address any issues that arise. With on-going training and four decades of experience, if your home heating system needs Thomasboro furnace repairs or you’re interested in installing a new gas furnace, call Hoveln today.