A/C Repair, Maintenance & Installation Services

HoveIn Heating and Cooling is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, providing Thomasboro a/c repair to the area for 40 years. As a locally owned and operated company, we also live in central Illinois and know the impact seasonal weather changes can have on an A/C system. Day or night, our trained technicians will diagnose and repair your home’s system.

Whether you have an older home with an aging HVAC system or are building a new home, HoveIn Heating and Cooling provides air conditioning service to Thomasboro and surrounding areas. Our services cover the seasonal changes to central Illinois and with our on-call technicians, you won’t have to wait until Monday morning for service.

The Right A/C For Your Home

Having a properly sized A/C system for your home can mean the difference between high utility bills and a noticeable ROI. It might seem like a larger A/C unit means more comfort, but a unit too large for your home won’t sufficiently remove the Illinois humidity in the summer. But, too small of a system won’t be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Other factors that determine proper A/C sizing include unit location, insulation, and duct installation. HoveIn Heating and Cooling will help you determine the size of unit best suited for your home.

Packaged A/C System Repairs

A packaged A/C system means you won’t have to remember to use another thermostat when it’s time to switch from cooling to heat. Providing self-contained heating and cooling to the entire home from one unit, a packaged system works with your home, ranging from all electric or gas heat and electric cool. Though they’re commonly found in hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, etc., packaged A/C systems are efficient and come in a range of fixed rated capacities to best suit your home.

Central A/C Services

This type of air conditioning is what most people think of in a home. Central A/C comes in either a split-system unit or packaged unit. Often located outside the home, central A/C units are more energy efficient than room or window air conditioners. HoveIn Heating and Cooling provides air conditioning installation of central units and retrofitting of older units to make them more energy efficient. With proper installation and routine maintenance, a central A/C system will perform efficiently for an average of 15–20 years.

Thomasboro A/C Repairs

Even with routine maintenance and check-ups, A/C systems still break down once in awhile. Our NATE certified technicians diagnose and correct any issues with the unit or system itself. HoveIn Heating and Cooling carries replacement parts for Bryant and most other systems for A/C repair in Thomasboro, meaning we put the comfort back in your home as soon as possible.

A/C Maintenance in Thomasboro

Regular maintenance of your A/C system can stave off the need for a Thomasboro A/C repair. HoveIn offers a maintenance plan with two service checks of your unit each year. These checks let our technicians and you know your A/C system is running at peak efficiency, allowing us to address potential issues before they become a problem.

We have a few tips for maintaining your system between our bi-annual check-ups:

  • Check the air filter quarterly and change it if necessary.
  • Clear weeds and shrubs away from the outdoor A/C condenser unit.
  • When mowing, trimming, and doing other landscaping, try not to throw grass and trimmings on the condenser unit.

Choose Hoveln For Your A/C Needs

Since 1977, HoveIn has provided Thomasboro HVAC repair and more to central Illinois. A family owned business, we believe in the highest quality customer service and craftsmanship for all our customers. Our technicians are NATE certified and on-call day and night to put the comfort back in your home. When looking at HVAC companies, HoveIn is locally owned and operated and looks forward to helping you and your home for all of your A/C system needs.