Air Conditioning Repairs

Even the most carefully watched air conditioners can break down occasionally, but at Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. we are prepared for nearly any possible repair that may be necessary. With replacement parts on-hand for most models, we can get your air conditioning system running again in no time. Our NATE-certified technicians can diagnose and correct any issues with your unit or AC system. Regardless of the situation, we at Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. are confident that we can handle any problems with your air conditioning system. For quality a/c repair, contact us today!

Common Reasons for AC Repairs

Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides high-quality air conditioning repairs around the clock. Our NATE-certified technicians diagnose and repair Bryant and most major HVAC brands and keep owner informed of what is going on with their air conditioners. These are some of the most common reasons why people need AC service.

Refrigerant Leaks

When an air conditioner is installed, it’s charged with the necessary amount of refrigerant needed to run during its lifespan. Microscopic cracks forming because of corrosion and wear and tear can lead to refrigerant leaks. If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your unit, contact an air conditioning repair company.

Broken or Burnt-Out Compressor

The compressor and fan in the external part of a unit work together to remove warm air from your home. If an issue develops with the fan, it usually causes a chain reaction within the system. First, the compressor overheats, which activates the air conditioner’s safety controls. These controls will either shut off the system if the air conditioner is running or prevent it from turning on.

Drainage Issues

An air conditioner produces condensation as it operates, and this moisture usually drains out of the unit and your home without issue. But if the condensate drain line and/or drip pan becomes clogged, the moisture can back up into the air conditioner and home. A technician will clear any clogged drains so the unit operates efficiently.

Frozen Condenser Coils

The condenser coils rely on appropriate air flow to allow the refrigerant inside the coils to flow freely. Blocked air ducts and dirty air filters are common causes for air flow obstructions that lead to frozen condenser coils.

Signs That You Need AC Repair

Most issues with an air conditioner develop over time, and units usually give a few warning signs. These are four of the most common signals our customers have noticed.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

If the air conditioner won’t turn on, the reason could be as simple as the thermostat not being set to the correct temperature or as complex as a burnt-out compressor. Check to ensure that the thermostat is set to cool and to the desired temperature. Then, look at the circuit breaker — a tripped fuse will prevent an air conditioner from turning on.

High Utility Bills

A spike in the utility bill is usually a tell-tale sign that there’s something wrong with the air conditioner. If you experience this, call us immediately for HVAC repairs. Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. will inspect the air conditioner, let you know what issues we find, and make the repairs necessary to fix the problem.

Odd / Unusual Noises

Like most appliances, an air conditioner will make noises as it operates. It’s when those noises take on an entirely different pitch or sound and/or increase in frequency that you need to call Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. Unusual noises often indicate that a breakdown is imminent.

Air Doesn’t Feel Cool

If the air conditioner is running but the indoor temperature doesn’t feel much different from the outside, that’s a problem for most people. The culprit could be simple, such as refrigerant lines that need to be re-insulated, or more complex, such as a major refrigerant leak that requires assistance from a professional AC repair company.