Common Causes of Heater Problems

Heaters are designed to last for a long time but they can run into some issues along the way. Homeowners can always rely on Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. for relief. We offer heating repair service Urbana IL residents depend on regularly since 1977. Allow us to serve you if you are having some problems with your unit. This is likely to be caused by one of the following:

Mechanical Wear and Tear

Heating systems have moving parts that can wear out over time. This is a natural consequence of repeated use. The erring simply needs to be found and replaced so that the family can enjoy the warmth of the interiors once again. We know how harsh winter can be in Illinois. That’s why we act fast whenever customers ask for our assistance. We can respond to emergency requests as well as scheduled appointments.

Inadequate Maintenance

Manufacturers recommend continuous system maintenance to keep it in top shape. A number of things have to be checked regularly such as the air filters, the ducts, and other vital components. Homeowners can do some of the simpler tasks. Professionals can take over with the more jobs that require technical expertise. We can repair any damage caused by inadequate maintenance and make annual visits afterwards to avoid a repeat of the same issue.


Leaks are serious problems that must be attended to immediately. One of the usual signs is the rapid consumption of fuel. If there is no substantial change in heating patterns, then the fuel should last just as long as it always has. Any irregularities should be investigated. A leak can be dangerous if allowed to persist as the fuel can be a fire hazard. It can also endanger the natural environment due to toxicity. When it comes to heating repair service Urbana IL residents can’t afford delays. Call us today to set up an appointment.