What a thorough Furnace Inspection in Mahomet IL Entails

Most homeowners think that furnace inspection entails flipping the thermostat “on” and “off” and replacing the filter. Actually, there are a lot involved in a thorough furnace inspection and it can save you a lot of cash in furnace repair services. Not to mention the enormous water damages that may be caused by frozen pipes, especially when furnace quits while you are away on holiday.

When you hire the furnace repair service Mahomet IL Company to inspect your furnace, ensure that they do a thorough job. A detailed furnace inspection entails the following:

• Inspection and cleaning of the blower motor, wheel, and motor housing
• Lubrication of the furnace blower motor as well as checking of the belt and replacement if necessary
• Inspection of gas leaks in gas furnaces
• Inspecting and cleaning the burner
• Corrosion inspections
• Inspecting of the electrical systems, including wiring, control box, and connections
• Air filters inspection
• Inspection of ductworks
• Review of start-up errors
• Measurements of indoor and outdoor pressures for optimum pressure
• Reviewing the vent system while the furnace is operating
• Inspection of AC and heat pumps
• Inspecting air filters and making the necessary replacements

As you can see, there are lots of things involved in a professional furnace inspection. To ensure that your furnace is operating efficiently, therefore, it should be serviced by professional Furnace Repair Service Company in Mahomet IL.

As Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc., the best Furnace Repair Service Mahomet IL offers, we always advise that preventive maintenance is the most cost effective method of avoiding the expensive furnace repair costs that you are likely to incur in future if you don’t take action now. Call or contact us today to have your furnace inspected or repair in the Mahomet IL area, and rest easy knowing that you strived to protect your investment.