Reminders for Effective Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners can decline in efficiency over time. They find it harder to generate the amount of cooling required and consume more energy. Consistent maintenance can arrest this decline. When performing air conditioning maintenance Champaign IL residents should keep the following in mind:

Check the Air Filters

These filters block impurities in the air. They stop outdoor pollution from affecting the interiors. They also keep the equipment running well by preventing the build-up of dust and dirt. After a while, these can get clogged with the amount of dirt trapped on the surface. Clean air will have a difficult time getting inside the system. Manufacturers usually ask owners to change these filters every 3-6 months or so. It will all depend on the type of filter and the amount of dust in the area.

Clear the Perimeter

The outdoor unit holds the condenser which requires good air circulation to operate smoothly. See if there is anything around its perimeter and have them cleared. For instance, nearby bushes may have grown much bigger and have begun to occupy the sides of the unit. If you are going to place a sun shade, then keep a wide enough gap for air to circulate freely on the top.

Get Professional Service

There are a number of tasks which are best left to the professionals. Once or twice a year, expert technicians should come down to inspect vulnerable parts and perform preventive measures. Call Hoveln Heating & Cooling, Inc. for comprehensive service. We provide air conditioning maintenance Champaign IL residents trust. Avail of our Planned Maintenance Agreements.

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